Invisalign is used to straighten your teeth without any use of braces, utilizing clear aligners that move teeth into proper alignment. This is a great method which does not require the use of metal braces and no food trapping takes place, due to the lack of metal wires and brackets.

Invisalign is a fascinating procedure that straightens your teeth without any use of braces. This is a revolutionary technique that utilizes clear aligners that the patient wears to move his/her teeth into proper alignment. A series of clear, virtually invisible custom-made aligners are fabricated for you to correct crowding, spaces, rotations of teeth and more.

Over time, you will be using several aligners until your goal is reached. Between 4 to 15 months, you will see the results:
• Amazingly straight teeth and a smile you never thought you would get.

Advantages of Invisalign are:
• No use of metal braces; the aligners are made with a thin, clear plastic compound. Nobody will notice your orthodontic treatment.
• No food trapping between metal wires and brackets.
• No scratching of metal against your cheeks.
• Optimal oral hygiene: you can eat without the aligners, and it’s easy to brush and floss because there are no wires.
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Dr. Mulas has achieved marvelous results from this incredible dental technique. The results have proven and shown to be consistently effective. Your first step is your complimentary consultation in our office with Dr. Mulas who is Invisalign certified.

With the use of digital technology, a complete treatment plan will be generated just for you, depicting the initial position of your teeth to the final desired position. You will be able to see a before and after virtual treatment plan before you start, so you will see how straight your teeth will look after using Invisalign.

Following Dr. Mulas’s instructions the laboratory will fabricate the aligners. After wearing each of the aligners for 2-3 weeks, your teeth will start moving gradually until they are set into the desired position.

Regular office visits are scheduled every four weeks to monitor the progress of the treatment. The aligners are invisible on your teeth and you can smile with confidence throughout the duration of the treatment.

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