General Dentistry
General Dentistry
General dentistry includes Tooth Colored Fillings, Inlays/Onlays, Procelain Crowns & Bridges, Full Mouth Rehabilitations and Extractions. These services help to restore decayed areas or replace old metal fillings, and to restore damaged or decayed teeth.

Tooth Colored Fillings
Tooth colored fillings are a great option to restore decayed areas or replace old metal fillings. The composite material used for this purpose is a tooth-colored resin filled with glass particles. Composite fillings are virtually undetectable when properly done and will give a healthy and beautiful appearance to your smile.
When a filling is not enough to ensure proper resistance and strength to a damaged or decayed tooth onlays and inlays are the best solution. Made of porcelain or gold these restorations are designed in the dental lab and than seated permanently into your teeth. They are stronger, more durable than fillings, and are the best option when a conservative restoration is considered for repairing a damaged tooth.
Porcelain Crowns & Bridges
A crown is a dental restoration made of porcelain with or without gold. It covers the tooth completely and is the best option for fractured, root canal teeth, or when conservative restorations are insufficient to restore form and function.

A bridge serves to replace a missing tooth or teeth. It usually involves the adjacent teeth that are called “abutments”. The missing tooth is connected to the abutments by two little wings or by crowns that are cemented to the abutments. Bridges have usually a gold frame to give strength and rigidity but they can be made entirely with tooth colored materials.
Full mouth rehabilitations
When time comes to restore your dentition after years of wear and your mouth needs to be extensively restored, Dr. Mulas will plan a deep teeth cleaning and a full mouth rehabilitation. This comprehensive treatment usually starts with a deep teeth cleaning and an ideal mock-up of your teeth and bite. After this first evaluation the patient is ready for the second phase: when teeth are prepared to be restored, impressions are taken and temporaries are placed. These temporaries look like the ideal mock up and the patient wears them for some time in order to check his/her bite and smile. Only after testing again your bite, speech and your smile design, Dr. Mulas will proceed to the last phase: the fabrication and cementation of your new porcelain restorations.
Extraction of a tooth is sometimes inevitable when other procedures will not ensure oral health or patient’s comfort. Dr. Mulas has had extensive training in these procedures as well as in other minor oral conditions that require surgery. His medical and surgical backgrounds are helpful to make our patients comfortable and they trust him for his calm and confident approach.

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